Alexa rank is used to measure the website popularity. Alexa Rank shows how a website performs in comparison to all other sites, making it a high KPI for benchmarking and market analysis. The traffic and rankings of Alexa are base on peoples browsing activity in our global data table, a snapshot of all internet users. Alexa was founded in 1996, own by

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How Alexa Tools Works ?

Alexa SEO tools measure the rank of a page by estimating daily unique visitors and daily number of page views on website. The website having higher traffic will get ranked high. Alexa have browser extension on chrome, mozila etc. You can easily install extension into browser and check the alexa rank of any website. Alexa have free and paid version, you can easily grab alexa group buy for us, if you think its expensive for a single user to pay.

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Advantages of Alexa Tool

It works as a competitive intelligence tool because the audience sample size is tiny. It helps advertisers to pursue the websites right marketing capacity. Digital Marketing strategist used Alexa daily to determine competitor rank/visitors. Most of the people will follow the ranking system of Alexa, and some of them ignore these factors. I use the Group buy Alexa tool, paid version to analyze my competition.

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