Copyscape, delivered by Indigo Stream Technologies Ltd, is a free real-time online plagiarism checker. Using Google as a search provider, Copyscape crawls the web to compare billions of articles and web pages to detect any content duplication. While publishing content with a high similarity score can cause a descent in your search engine ranking, this web’s leading tool comes in handy as your best solution.

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Copyscape Premium Tool

For more advanced plagiarism detection services, subscribe to Copyscape Premium by credit card or PayPal. The first 200-word search costs 3c while the subsequent 100 words are charged only 1c. We provide Group Buy copyscape which help you to check the plagiarism report for your article. Grab copyscape account from us in affordable prices.

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Copyscape Tool Copysentry Plan

Besides detecting the originality of your content, it helps you to safeguard your existing content from any content theft and content fraud. It scans the web on a daily or weekly basis and notifies you via email once copies of your content are found republished, in another word, stolen. To protect your site,
sign up for this package with price starting at $4.95 per month today. Copyscape also provides free plagiarism warning banner to alert the potential plagiarists.

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