Majestic is an SEO group buy tool that specialize in backlinks. It previously known as Majestic. Its provide the depth or bulk of backlink data. Its analyze the backlink data by using several metrics and visualizations.

Majestic has one component which is called Site explorer. It Provide the user an overview of the metrics. By using site explorer, there will be 3 main metrics will be given and those metrics are similar to Domain Authority.
In majestic group buy citation flow means the score of the number of backlinks. It refers to the influence of URL based on how many sites link to it. Trust Flow means the quality of backlink. It shows the credibility and trustworthiness of the URL. The higher the better.

Topical Trust Flow mean the significance of a site by industry. In simple words, its means the trust flow rate of the website in a particular topic or category. For example, Tesco has higher topical trust flow in retailing category than entertainment.

majestic group buy

Group Buy Majestic for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Group buy majestic tool also provides compare tool that allow the user compare 10 domains at the same time.

It shows the back-link history tools that allow the user to check the new back-link and referring domains and it also provides keyword checker and other SEO tool which are similar to ahref but Majestic is more to back link analyze. Grab Group buy majestic from us in discounted price in few bucks. 

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